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    I going to guess you less than 18 and so is your girlfriend. Counterfeit is usually a term used to describe fake money. Occasionally it used to describe fake merchandise, like “fake Harley Davidson T-shirts or fake Rolex watches.” This is wrong, but it fairly sophisticated.

    If the girl parents can prove (evidence in court, not sidewalk gossip) that this occurred, they may have a case of slander. But to succeed in court, your girlfriend tort claims attorney will have to prove the facts. If she 18, she can do the legal stuff for herself, since she an adult.

    that kinda messed up a tad, talk to your folks, ask them what there deal is? I really don understand why your folks would do that and the store,i seen messed up parents before, but for some reason, this seems like an odd situation but if anything happens, the worst that can happen is the cops get involved, and they look around her place but if they don find anything, they ain gonna take her away.

    Just talk to your folks. and if they pull the whole classic line ” you don know what your talking about” or ” she is a bad influence” just tell them, they don even know the girl.


    hicks scare me.

    see the thing is my town runs like this if the cops dont like you or your last name has a Breitling Watches bad past then they will do what ever they darn well please and with the spelling i have moments sorry Replica Watches : / and the cops wont listen to a 16 year old that just saw someone get robbed if an adult says no he / she didnt and i tried talking to my parents about it and they say your to young to understand why we dont want you around her or they say she a bad infulence on me when she not she actually got me out of trouble so yea kinda unsure what the deal is with these people : /

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