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    Wrist Watchesare not merely electronics devices that tell time. Don’t get me wrong. Traditionally that mighthave been the case but today a wristwatch is an important personal accessory, that goes beyond time, foreveryone. A wristwatch more than anything accentuates one’s personality. It helps you make a stylestatement. Men, women, kids all like to flaunt their wrist watches. The consumers for wrist watchesare increasing in the market. Wrist watch today is worn by almost every individual whether rich or poor. InIndia today many brands and models of wrist watches are available. Most of the watches manufactured inIndia are loose and they have become a fashion in today’s society. Some of the companies that manufacturewatches are Titan, Citizen, Casio, Sonata, Swatch, Longines, Omega and many more. Watches fromcompanies such as Sonata, Casio, Citizen are available to people of all economic conditions. But watchessuch as Rolex, Omega, Fastrack are meant for sports and considered as status brands. If you want to classifythe different types of watches they are categorized as for kids, men, woman, sports and luxury. They are alsoclassified as analog and digital if you want to make a broad classification.

    Top Brands of watches in IndiaTitan Watches

    Today Titan watches are largely sold in the Indian market and are worn by millions ofconsumers in India. The watch is manufactured by the Tata Group and the Tamil Nadu IndustrialDevelopment Corporation together. The manufacture of Titan watches began in the year 1987 and todaythese watches have captured such as huge market that they are exported to more than 30 countries in theworld. Today it is the largest manufacturing watch company in India as in the yesteryears the leaders forwatch industries were HMT and Allwyn. There are seven models of Titan watch today and they are TitanSteel Watch, Titan Fastrack, Titan Raga, Sonata, Regalia and Bandhan. The Titan Edge watches are worn bymen and Raga model are worn by women. The fastrack models are considered to be the most luxuriousmodels among the titan watches although they are not very expensive. Edge watches are the most expensiveamong models. replica watches The most affordable watch models are the Fastrack models. Today the watches are manufactured and sold by various parts of the world. In Indiaalso they are sold in large number. The company first manufactured a clock that was sold in 1933. Todaymany model of Timex are available in the market such as Ecko, Opex, Guess, Nautica, and even sells statusbrands such as Versec, Valentino, Ferragamo, etc. There are many other models available such as Sports, Formals, Fashion,models. The price of the Timex prices is usually lower and is affordable by all types of people. Men watchesare available in many models such as sports, and formal watches. The sports watch models are known fortheir efficient performance and good performance. The Empera model is meant for woman also and they areconsidered to be luxurious models. Woman watches are also available in various models such as Acqua,Timex LK 15, Classic Analogs, Quartz Analog, Timex Carriage etc available in many designs. Pair modelsare known to the watches available at very reasonable price, provides good service and is durable. Usuallythese watches are provided as gifts to friends and relatives.

    These watches swiss replica watches in India are considered to be the most status models. These watches are known inIndia for their beautiful design and are worn by people to provide a good impression. Oyster Perpetual, Professional and Cellini. These watches are embedded with high-fitechnology and are extremely expensive compared to the other models. The Oyster model was introduced inthe year 1926. The watch underwent innovation many times and was re-invented in 1931. The watches havespecial features such as being dustproof, airproof, and waterproof. The watch is so durable that it canmaintain its durability under any odd conditions. The Professional models also comprises of manytechnologies such as Dateadjust, Submariner, ability to survive under sea etc. The price of the watch differsfrom model to model. Thesewatches are available in many brands and are meant for men and woman both. They are also classified intocasual and sports wear. There are many models of these watches and they are the constellation, specialties,seamaster, De ville, speedmaster watches. The Constellation brand is usually worn by men and the band isusually made of stainless steel. The design ofthe watch is beautifully comprising of a silver background and containing baton dial markers etc. The DeVille watch models were introduced in 1999. They are also designed for men and woman. Even this modelhas a feature of water resistance.

    watch is Citizen Holdings Co. These watches are available in various colors, designs and prices. The modelsof Citizen models are Kareena Style, Kareena Diamond, Asymmetric, Perpetual, Promaster, etc. Althoughthey are available in various trends and designs and the innovation continuously takes place these watchesare not very expensive. Most of the models are available with metal bands.

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